How Comma Entertainment; the K-pop Agency Reads Today’s Marketing Trends
How Comma Entertainment; the K-pop Agency Reads Today’s Marketing Trends
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Comma Entertainment is Korea’s branding agency specializing in one-stop customized marketing strategy. 

Since Comma Entertainment was founded in the late 2015, their business has grown very fast by targeting niche markets in Southeast Asian countries; Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and Laos. International brands that Comma Entertainment worked with for the past two years include Philippine’s premier hotel chains Solaire Resort & Casino and City of Dreams Manila (organized K-pop concerts), Denmark’s brewing brand Carlsberg and Tuborg (organized outdoor festival in Laos) and Korea’s biggest liquor company Hitejinro (organized EDM festival in Cambodia). Likewise, their core client base was focused primarily in Asia. However, they recently turned their eyes to bigger markets as they noticed signs of what is now becoming possible and of the opportunities to apply their ‘powerful marketing tool’ in the United States and Saudi Arabia, where is often considered as the largest and second largest business market.  

The ‘powerful marketing tool’ here stands for ‘K-pop culture’. 

Comma Entertainment themselves ranked ‘K-pop music’ first in its largest factors that contributed to their great performances in global marketing field and that led to the expansion of client base. K-pop culture; the K-artists and K-music were known as a regional marketing strategy confined to Asian countries. But, not anymore. It is now a global marketing tool which enables all kinds of international brands to reach wider groups of customers. None of recent phenomena such an incredibly huge success of K-pop concert in Dubai, KCON’s arrival in New York, Korean boy band BTS’s ranking on Billboard Chart and their sold out American Arena concert dates in 2018 is accidental. Despite the language barrier, interest in the catchy music accompanied by complex, highly stylized western dance moves, synchronized choreography and trend-setting fashion of the multi-talented Korean artists have been steadily growing in popularity in every corner of the world. It proves that K-pop is leading a big part of pop culture and “it will definitely show more immediate and vital influence on the marketing field as well”, Comma Entertainment added. 

Comma Entertainment’s ‘polished package of K-pop culture’ will be presented soon as they are planning to execute several K-pop concerts and Korean pop culture related festivals in United States, Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan in the coming months. 

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